Who was Seneca?


Seneca was an attorney, philosopher, statesman, humorist, teacher and personal adviser to the emperor of ancient Rome. He was born in 1 BC and died in 65 AD. Seneca was a stoic philosopher who followed in the footsteps of two other great philosophers, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.

Seneca’s philosophy focused on how one ought to live their life. He thought that one should go through life in the pursuit of knowledge.  He believed that a person should always strive to make themselves better and to continually improve. He believed that the good life was a life that was controlled by reason. He used his rational thinking to help him make decisions based on logic rather than on emotional impulse. Seneca was also a master of rhetoric and public speaking.

Seneca Law Group represents these ideals and skills. We strive to make logical calculated informed decisions and constantly improve our knowledge of both the law and the world around us. Much like Seneca, our attorneys are also masters of rhetoric and public speaking.

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