What To Do After An Accident – Part 2

Steps After The Accident When You Return Home

Step One: Call you insurance company and report the accident.  You will want to open up a property claim, and get a claim number, if there is significant damage to your car.  You will also want to open up a personal injury claim, regardless of whether or not you feel pain at the time.  Whiplash and other injuries associated with car accidents often don’t manifest themselves until later when your adrenaline has worn off.

Step Two: Give your statement to your adjustor or set a time to give it.  The purpose of your statement is for you to advise your insurance adjustor just what happened in the accident.  This statement will be used by your insurance company and the other parties to determine who is more at fault.  Same thing as the statement you give to the police, make sure you only state what you know not what you are not certain of.

Step Three: Set an appointment with a chiropractor or primary car physician as soon as possible.  The longer you want from the time of the accident to when you seek treatment, the more likely that can be used against you.  If you don’t have health insurance, you might have medical pay through your car insurance.  Make sure you ask your insurance company.

Step Four: The other insurance adjustor may contact you to take your statement.  It is fine to talk with them, but again only say what you know not what you are not certain of.


Stay tuned in the next few days for Part 3of the Guide.

DISCLAIMER: These are all just general steps for general situations.  Your accident could be much more complicated or perhaps not as complicated.  If you are uncertain about what to do and would just like someone else to handle it, then feel free to contact Seneca Law Group and we can take the stress off your shoulders.  This guide is for the purpose of giving you an brief overview not as a comprehensive Guide.

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