What To Do After A Car Accident – Part Three

Steps to Take During Your Personal Injury Treatment and Personal Property Claim*

*Some of these steps may be taken by your own insurance company.  You pay them to be your advocate (in a sense) so sometimes they will do these steps for you.  Sometimes they will not.

Step One: Make sure you are consistent and timely with any treatment your doctor put you on.  Make sure you obtain all records and reports from all treating doctors.  If you have medical insurance, you will need to advise them that your treatment is a result of a third-party.  They need to know this because they will want the “at fault” party to reimburse them for your treatment.

Step Two: Depending on your insurance company’s policies will be how your property claim is settled.  It is ok to settle the personal property claim prior to your personal injury claim.

Step Three: Do NOT settle your personal injury claim until you feel your treatment has come to a conclusion.  DO NOT let the other insurance company bully you into taking a deal when you are still treating.  NOTE: You have two years from the date of your injury/date of accident to sue the “at fault” insurance company.  Make sure you write this deadline in your calendar immediately.

Step Four: Once your medical treatment is complete, gather all the reports written by the treating doctor for each visit you had.  Contact your medical insurance company and advise them your treatment is complete and that you need a final lien amount.

Step Five: If you lost time off work, get a document from your employer showing how much you lost and how much you are paid.  This step will be a big harder if you are an independent contractor.

Step Six: Take the reports, final lien amount, and proof of any other losses and forward it to the at fault insurance company.  Attached a demand letter with the documents describing how the accident has affected your daily life.

Step Seven: Negotiate and go back and forth with the adjuster regarding a settlement amount you are comfortable with.

Step Eight: If the insurance company ignores you, or it’s coming close to your statute of limitation deadline, then this would be the time to immediately contact an attorney for assistance.


DISCLAIMER: These are all just general steps for general situations.  Your accident could be much more complicated or perhaps not as complicated.  If you are uncertain about what to do and would just like someone else to handle it, then feel free to contact Seneca Law Group and we can take the stress off your shoulders.  This guide is for the purpose of giving you a brief overview not as a comprehensive Guide.

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