Marijuana is Legal Take Advantage of the Change

Change is Here

Now that marijuana has been legalized in the state of California, the entire industry and culture around it is about to change. Along with the coming changes there has also been sweeping reform in the criminal laws that have punished people for decades. The changes to the criminal laws have all ready taken effect. It is now possible to have your old marijuana related crimes expunged from your  criminal record at the California Department of Defense, the court records and you can even get the fines that you paid returned to you. If you were convicted of any of the crimes mentioned below then you are already eligible for relief from your criminal convictions.

Marijuana Crimes Effected

Possession of Marijuana (Health & Safety Code §11357)
Planting, Harvesting, or Processing Marijuana (Health & Safety Code §11358)
Possession of Marijuana for Sale (Health & Safety Code §11359)
Transportation, Importation, Sale or Gift of Marijuana (Health & Safety Code §11360-a)
If you have been convicted of any of these crimes then you are eligible for an expungement or a re-sentencing in your case. In order to do this you must file a motion with the court that you were convicted in.  Seneca Law Group stands ready to help you through this process.   Call or contact us today if we can help!

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