Biggest Cost of a Speeding Ticket

It’s time for a pop quiz!

Which of the following costs you the most when you get a speeding ticket?

A. The speeding ticket
B. Court fees
C. The increase to your insurance premiums
D. Bribing the officer

Just to be clear, D was a joke and is not the right answer.  We would never condone or encourage you to attempt to bribe an officer of the law.

The right answer was C.

The ticket itself and the court fees are all fixed costs.

The variable cost to all of this is the impact of the speeding ticket on your insurance premiums. Depending on the your driving record and the actual infraction or misdemeanor, your insurance premiums could rise by up to 30% for next three years.

So what does that mean for you?  Let’s do some simple math.  If you currently pay $100 a month for car insurance and your speeding ticket increases your insurance premiums by 30%, that’s $30 a month for 36 months.  In other words:

$30 x 36 months = $1,080

That makes paying a few hundred bucks for a lawyer look cheap, doesn’t it?  You can go to court on your own and plead your case, but are you willing to bet over a thousand dollars that you can keep your premiums down?

In many instances an experienced attorney can get your ticket fines reduced and even get the case dismissed all together. If the attorney can not get you out of the ticket all together in many cases the attorney can get you into traffic school which will ensure that your insurance premium will not go up.

If you live in the San Diego area and you aren’t sure how to go about fighting yours speeding ticket, contact the Seneca Law Group today at 619-630-8259!

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