Test your Breathalyzer IQ

You were trying to be responsible.  You were at your friend’s wedding and had a glass of wine before you left, so you weren’t too concerned when you were pulled over for speeding.  Then the cop asked you where you were coming from, and you were honest.  “How much did you have to drink?”  “One glass of wine.”  Then you hear the words that sent shivers down your spine… “Can you please step out of the car?”

You know you did not over-indulge, but you somehow blew over the legal limit.  What gives?

Test your breathalyzer knowledge below (from Alcohol Problems and Solutions):

[sections] [section title=”Fact or Fiction? Sucking on pennies will scramble the breathalyzer machine and give you a 0.0% reading.”]

Fiction!  This urban legend will just make you look silly and talk funny.

[/section] [section title=”Fact or Fiction? High blood sugar (aka, hypoglycemia) causes acetone in the breath.  Breathalyzers record acetone as alcohol, which can result in a false DUI arrest/conviction.”]

Fact!  Acetone being mistaken by the breathalyzer for alcohol accounts for approximately one in every seven drivers arrested for a DUI or DWI.

[/section] [section Generic Levitra title=”Fact or Fiction? A blood test is the only true and accurate way to measure a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).”]

Fact!  Breathalyzers are more like BAC estimates, as they measure any chemical compound that belongs to the methyl group, not just alcohol.

[/section] [section title=”Fact or Fiction? Field sobriety tests are usually good tests, and allow police to accurately identify intoxicated drivers.”]

Fiction!  A Clemson University conducted a study in which they videotaped individuals with 0.0% BAC taking 6 field sobriety tests.  They then asked officers to identify which ones were intoxicated; the officers stated that 46% of the people, who had no alcohol in their systems, were too drunk to drive.

[/section] [section title=”Fact or Fiction? Smoking cigarettes does not have an effect on breathalyzer tests.”]

Fiction!  Acetaldehyde is a chemical compound that belongs to the acetone family.  Acetaldehyde levels are much higher in smokers than nonsmokers, which can have an effect on the BAC.

[/section] [/sections]

If you were accused of a driving under the influence, or driving while intoxicated, do not lose hope; we here at Seneca Law Group will fight for your rights.

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