Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

Halloween has nearly twice the number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians than the other 364 days of the year, many involving children. The reason is obvious: more pedestrians on the streets after dark. Here are a few tips to make sure your drive home this Halloween doesn’t turn into a real life nightmare.

SLOW DOWN, especially in neighborhoods. On Halloween, kids are rearing to go- ready hit the next house on their Trick or Treat list. Even with parents nearby, in the blink of an eye, a kid can move from the safety of the sidewalk to the middle of the street. While they should be looking both ways before crossing, the only thing on a child’s mind on Halloween is candy. Ongoing traffic is only an afterthought, if that. If an accident does occur, even if you are not at fault, you could find yourself sitting in a court room.

USE HEADLIGHTS, even before sunset. For younger kids, Halloween may start early in the evening, while there is still light out. Headlights increase your chances of being noticed, and therefore decrease the chances of an accident.

STAY ALERT. Keep your eyes on the road at all times. Looking down for even a second can be life changing for you and someone else.

IF YOU DRINK, DON’T DRIVE! Buy Viagra Even if you don’t find yourself in an accident, there may still be a check point waiting for you before you reach your final destination. If you have had a few drinks, find a ride home. If you can’t get a ride, just stay put. Better to get home later than planned than to find yourself locked up or worse, staring down at an unsuspecting, injured pedestrian.

DON’T TEXT! Texting while driving is one of the leading causes of fatal traffic accidents and is now illegal in many states, including California. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that driving while texting is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. Why? Texting takes your eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. At a speed of 55mph, that’s enough time to cross a football field. And more than enough time for a sprinting kid to get from the porch of a house to the middle of the street.

All of these tips should be used on a daily basis, but they are especially important on October 31, when the streets are lined with excited children running from house to house. If you do find yourself involved in an accident this Halloween, or any other day of the year, contact Seneca Law Group in San Diego, CA at 619-630-8529.

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