Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick ’s Day started as a celebration of Irish heritage, but it’s evolved into one of the premiere drinking days in America. If you plan on reveling in St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans this year, here are some tips to help keep you safe while you’re having a good time.

  • Lock your car doors.  More people are out and about, so crooks are looking for easy victims. Parking lots are often crowded with parade-goers, so thieves will be out looking for unlocked cars.
  • If you’ve been drinking, don’t drive.  It can take as little as two drinks to impair your ability to safely operate a vehicle.
  • In case you need more motivation to not drink and drive, consider the financial burden of a DUI.  There are the one-time fines, don’t dismiss the increased cost of insurance. The average premium increase after a DUI conviction is over $850.
  • Make sure you’ve got a designated driver or some other plan for getting home that doesn’t involve you driving.  In fact, if you haven’t used Uber yet, here’s a free ride on us.
  • If you do find yourself in trouble, whether from a DUI or you got sucked into a good ol’ Irish brawl, give us a call at (619) 630-8529.

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