New Year’s Eve DUI

What are you planning to do on New Year’s Eve?  Maybe you just want to sit at home, watch the ball drop and kiss your loved one at the stroke of midnight, but plenty of people will be heading out to parties and bars to ring in the new year.

What nobody is planning on is getting arrest for a DUI or hurting, possibly killing, themselves or someone else.  Yet New Year’s Eve is one of the top days of the year on which these things happen.  Here are some hopefully sobering facts about drinking and driving on New Year’s Eve.

On average, there are 36 fatalities a day in this country involving a drunk driver.  That number rises to 45 during the Christmas season and climbs even higher to 54 over the New Year’s holiday.  To look at that another way, 40% of vehicle-related deaths from the Christmas to New Year’s holiday season involve drunk drivers, while the daily average for the rest of the month is 28%.

A few years ago, New Year’s Day was ranked as the seventh deadliest day for driving (with July 4th topping the list).  That may not seem so bad, but New Year’s Day is the deadliest day for pedestrians, even beating out Halloween.  Alcohol was involved in right at half of those cases, with the pedestrian being the intoxicated party a third of the time.

If you’re going to go out, the best way to avoid a New Year’s Eve DUI is to either not drink or make sure you have a designated driver.  If nobody wants to be the DD on New Year’s Eve, call a cab or, even better, get an Uber ride on us.

Whatever your plans for this upcoming New Year’s Eve, be smart and stay safe so we can wish you a happy and prosperous new year.  And if you do run afoul of the law, make sure to give us a call at (619) 630-8LAW (8529).

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