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Should I hire an Attorney?

Bankruptcy is difficult.  Not only is it difficult to make the decision to file, but it’s also difficult to navigate the process.  For more complicated and complex cases, hiring an attorney is necessary to protect your assets.  For others, with a straightforward case, it is possible to self help!

There are two different types of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  A Chapter 13 tends to be more difficult, whereas a Chapter 7 sometimes can be straightforward and possible to do on your own.  You should consult an attorney to determine which bankruptcy is right for you.

How to Start The Self Help Bankruptcy Process

I would first begin the process by going to the San Diego Bankruptcy Court for the forms and  information on filing the case on your own.  I would be careful with the information you find over the internet as it may not always be accurate.

Self Help Clinic

You can also get more information and guidance, by going down to the San Diego Bankruptcy Court every Wednesday from 2:00pm-4:00pm.  The Legal Aid Society of San Diego holds a free clinic for those that want to try and file bankruptcy on their own.  Additionally if your income qualifies, someone from Legal Aid can also assist you in filling out the required documentation.  You’ll have to go to take care of the rest of the bankruptcy process on your own, but the most difficult part is filling out the required documentation.

Law Library

You can also go down to the law library  near you and use the resources there.  They have computer you can use which will allow you to access lexisnexis, which is a legal research tool attorneys use.

Free 30 minute Consult

Whether you can afford an attorney or not, if you’ve been thinking about bankruptcy , contact Seneca Law and we can give you a free 30 minute consult!  Get the information before you make a decision.

Disclaimer: This blog does not constitute legal advice and it does not guarantee results for your particular situation nor does it create an attorney client relationship.


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