Medical Marijuana Legal in California

Legal Medical Marijuana Use in San Diego

The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic for decades.  In recent years, more and more states, like California, are voting to have marijuana legalized for medical use.  The reason for this is because marijuana has numerous health and medicinal benefits.  Here are just a few of the numerous reasons why marijuana is beginning to be viewed less as  “street drug” and more as a treatment to medical problems and issues.

  • Marijuana is a natural pain reliever.  It can be used in place of more addictive pharmaceutical drugs that have a higher rate of over dosing.
  • Marijuana helps reduce anxiety. Being sick or injured can be stressful and scary.  Marijuana not only reduces the stress, but it does so while also decreasing pain levels.
  • Marijuana helps relieve nausea.  This can save people’s lives.  The side-effect of njoy npro electronic cigarette certain medications, especially in the case of chemotherapy, is often nausea and vomiting.  Marijuana can help keep patients from getting sick, which in turn increases the efficacy of the therapy.
  • It is extremely difficult to overdose on marijuana.  There has not been a single direct case of death caused by excessive marijuana use.
  • Marijuana is natural.  Unlike pharmaceuticals, this drug is an actual plant, and is not comprised of man-made chemicals.

Even though there are many good uses for marijuana, and even though it has been partially legalized, citizens are still being arrested and tried for possession and/or use.  If you have any issues or questions with your right to use medical marijuana, Seneca Law Group has the answers.  Call us today at 619-630-8LAW (8 5 2 9) or email us here.

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